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Author: admin_kt

PADI Open Water Course: Half Moon Bay

After almost falling off a mountain, it was only appropriate that I test my sea legs. Apparently, I’m unlucky in adventure—I almost drowned. Quite the hyperbole I know, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. Thoroughly unsure of myself, I had previously resisted the temptation to try new activities. I agonized and ruminated about the ways I would be deemed unworthy. Performance anxiety had permeated through all levels of my consciousness. Something as simple as not fitting into a new shirt drummed up feelings of shame and self-loathing. Never wanting to “fail” the “test” of a new experience, I...

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Wearing Hijab isn’t Always Great

This article was previously published in SISTERS magazine.    This year I will complete my seventh year as a “hijabi”. To say that every single moment of wearing hijab has been fulfilling, meaningful, and easy would simply be a stretch of the truth. And by stretch of the truth, I mean it would be a complete lie. There are moments, where I feel extremely connected to my Creator, completely thrilled with my decision, and in love with my wardrobe. There are other times where I feel like I look like a potato and have to resist the urge to...

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