It’s okay to ask for help.

Behind every successful entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, or author, there is an equally hardworking and dedicated team.

No one truly builds an empire alone. Whether you have support staff like a cook, nanny, and someone to do your laundry and cleaning, or whether you have trained professionals dedicated to activities like bookings, sales, and marketing, all of the most successful people you see have a staff of supporters that are helping them achieve their dreams.

Successful people realize that in order to scale their activities, they need help. And there is absolutely no shame in asking for it. In fact, I dare say you can’t grow very fast without it.

Professionals can help you move strategically, take action, and stick your neck out on the line in ways that can help you grow your business and amp up your activities in powerful ways!

We can also get you organized by making an action plan that can cover everything from content strategy and SEO, to PR and social media management.

In my line of work, I help authors and entrepreneurs get press mentions, backlinks, and bylined articles, all while maintaining an active presence on their existing platforms like their blog and other social media channels.


As you may know, getting in a groove is not always easy to do, and staying in that groove? Even harder.

When life comes at you hard it can be challenging to stay on top of projects, fulfill commitments, and maintain your scheduled activities. Having a few team members to shoulder some of the load makes it easier to take a break when you need it, or maintain the momentum you need in your business while life happens!


If you struggle with consistency building brand assets, a content strategist can keep you on track. Help is available if you have a goal of being active on social media every day or posting to your blog a few times a month. Or maybe you want to be more active with guest posting and bylined articles out on the web to bring in fresh traffic and raise your website’s domain authority (DA) through backlinks.

Whatever your goals are for your website and business, a content strategist can help you make a master plan and stick to it!

Schedules can be hard to keep when you’re working through them yourselves. Having a cheerleader by your side encouraging you on can make a world of difference. Accountability is key to getting things done, and bringing someone on board to handle some things for you can mean the difference between doing things on a schedule or falling into a “whenever you feel like it” mindset, which, let’s admit it, is not very often.

A professional social media manager can help you splinter your existing content and get it ready schedule and share on social media sites. This will help you get more mileage out of your assets and remain consistent across platforms.


You can’t grow your business, author platform, or anything else, without consistently seeking out new audiences, readers, and followers. This is what’s known as your discoverability and exposure – and it’s a real challenge for some.

You have to get yourself and your content in front of new audiences if you want to grow steadily and consistently.  Your overall content strategy should reflect a healthy attitude and investment in these types of activities on a daily or weekly basis.

Thankfully, there are ways to get yourself in front of new eyeballs – whether it is through consistent interactions on social media and other platforms like Medium and Quora, or search engine optimization (SEO), or through ad spend on platforms your customers frequent most.


There are two ways to look at growth. One way is to see your growth and development as a result of internal efforts. For example, by quantifying how much time and energy you put into your website or business development this year. Or tracking your sales and other key performance indicators (KPIs) over time.

The other way to look at your growth and development is by measuring your connections and networking with others. For example, how much did you reach out to others and build the kinds of relationships that result in future promotion, collaboration, and other opportunities this year?

Both ways of measuring growth are important, tracking your KPIs helps you see where you’ve been and chart a course for where you want to go. But your collaborations and connections will serve you well into the future, so don’t neglect networking! Hire professional help, make new friends, and your project will grow by leaps and bounds!

Janet Kozak – Content Strategist

Janet runs a boutique content strategy and digital marketing consultancy. She helps businesses evolve into premium brands and connect with their dream clients by crafting compelling copy, utilizing white hat SEO practices, and powering up their social media presence. She writes about marketing, copywriting, business, and productivity and shares her organizational processes and tips on her website at